Travel Kit for Men

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Travel Kit for Men
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This skin enhancing kit that contains Finale Finishing Powder, Saúde Pele Radiance Booster, Sol Bronzer, Revitalizing Facial Serum and our popular Flat Top Vegan Approved Brush. This collection provides a natural, even skin tone. 

Finale Finishing Powder:  This skin-balancing, ultra-fine powder nourishes your skin as it absorbs excess oil and helps your skin retain its moisture.

Saúde Pele Radiance Booster:  This all natural, vegan, organic-based powder is rich in antioxidants that are essential for healthy-looking skin. Saúde Pele is enriched with botanical extracts including, acai, soy isoflavones and boswellia serrata, to give his complexion a healthy glow. Use Saúde Pele for a look that is natural and simple.

Sol Bronzer:  A little goes a long way, and not only will he get the perfect Brazilian Bronze, but his skin will look healthier.  Add in all natural ingredients, and his skin will look great all year long.

Facial Serum:  A great hydrating product. It is an "all in one" serum that also works under the eyes to help with darkness and puffiness.  One step, multiple results.

Set is completely Vegan Approved and Made in the USA