Eyeshadow: Loose Powder

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Eyeshadow - New Colors
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Our eyeshadows enhance the look of every complexion, regardless of the person's skin tone, color, or age. We selected colors that brighten the eyes without having them appear heavily "made up". They are neither opaquely flat nor garishly high shimmer. They are neutral, elegant and beautiful. This palette is perfect for everyday use, yet sophisticated enough for a glamorous evening look. These eye shadows are perfection.

This product does contain Titanium Dioxide

Amethyst: A beautiful, rich purple that anyone can wear. This color has just the right amount of shimmer, that it will make any eye look mesmerizing, yet subtle. If you like purple, or have been looking to add some rich color to your shadow palette, this is the color for you!

Aymee:  A best seller and a model's favorite, this refreshing neutral color adds a sea shellpink/peach pearlized shimmer to the eyes that accentuates every eye color, making them more vivid and luminous. Aymee eyeshadow is perfect for day or evening wear, with subtle shimmer and soft, "sun-kissed" color. Use to highlight your cheekbones for a look that is naturally radiant. A must have in your makeup bag. 

Bege/Beige: This matte color works great as either an eyeshadow base, or on its own. It has very little shimmer, yet will brighten the eyes and even out the skin tone. It looks beautiful on everyone, and is a "must have" for all eyeshadow enthusiasts.

Feline: Our first matte shadow! A rich and wearable color. Feline can be used lightly or heavily, depending on your mood. This versatile shadow also works as a brow filler and eyeliner. There is no shimmer, so it gives a nice, clean look. 

Marrom/Brown: A deep, rich color that is perfect for creases, and for creating the "smoky look". Use a small amount for everyday to add depth or add more to create a more dramatic look. This is a unique bronze color with subtle hints of purple and gold. You'll simply love it!! A very popular shade paired with Bege/Beige. 

Mystique: Is it slate grey or is it a light black? The darkest and sexiest shade to date will help give you the smoky look either in the day or night. A slight shimmer helps the color of your eyes to pop. A must have for everyone!

Ouro/Gold:  A makeup artist's favorite color for the eyes. Its light shimmer adds a beautiful warm golden glow to the eyes, and compliments any and all other eyeshadow color. You will definitely use this color over and over. One of our most popular shades.

Relache Ice: Created exclusively for the “Ice” event at the renowned Relache Spa at the Gaylord Resort.

Sky/Blue: A soft, sophisticated everyday blue that is modern and appropriate for all ages. 

Petal/Pink: A delicate pillow soft pink that “opens up” your eyes. Looks lovely on the lid and pairs well with Marrom/Brown or Amethyst eyeshadow in the crease of your eye.

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