About Us

About Us

Christopher Drummond Beauty

Makeup like no other

Our artisan line is comprised of organic-based, all natural, paraben-free and many vegan-approved formulas. The result is products that are cruelty-free and environmentally responsible, to give you flawless looking skin that actually looks better from the first time you use them.

Our makeup is for those who are looking for an alternative to traditional mineral makeup. It is non-drying, natural looking, and simply gorgeous--giving you makeup that is free of toxins, and improves the look and feel of your skin. We also have vegan approved, cruelty free makeup tools and professional brushes that are some of the best in the industry.

Free of irritants. Full of skin-enhancing ingredients

Many of our products do not contain irritants such as titanium dioxide, dimethicone, artificial fragrance, or artificial colors. This ensures our clients healthier skin and a flawless looking skin.

Healthful ingredients such Brazilian acai essential oils, cocoa butter and the mineral Zinc oxide are anti-aging, fight acne, and help improve dry skin. These natural ingredients cause our products to function not just as makeup, but also as treatment products.

Luxurious, value-driven and simple to use

We've learned that women want top-quality makeup that perfects their look while taking their skin to the next level. Our products are effective, protective, and so easy to use that anyone can get results in the stroke of a brush.

Beautiful, gorgeous, healthy skin

Christopher Drummond Beauty goes beyond mineral makeup, foregoing additives, artificial ingredients and artificial preservatives to bring you pure beauty the way nature intended. Whether your skin issue is dryness, acne, or uneven skintone, our products are designed to help.


  • All natural, organic-based and cruelty free
  • Effective and protective
  • Non-drying to the skin
  • Free of irritants
  • Non-toxic
  • Simple to use
  • Value driven
  • Perfect for all colors and skin types
  • Our makeup is NOT micronized and does not contain nano-particles